Troop 12 is once again supporting our Norton Senior Center with this annual gift drive. The Seniors are looking for specific items (see the flyer). Items can be dropped off on Saturday Dec 4th and our Scouts will deliver them to the Senior Center. Can’t make the drop off day? Reach out ...

Kids are all at school. You sit down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and relax for a moment… and then spot two chromebooks on charge that should have been in their backpacks. is leaving the depot.

Let’s see if I can complete this year. It’ll only get a touch cold tonight (46F) 🏕

One time passwords raise the bar, but as services like this become more and more common its clear that we have to move to WebAuthN/FIDO2. You might not think you’re a target but often the value is in the number of breached accounts not the individual account.

It’s simultaneously difficult to believe it’s already 20 years and only 20 years. So many details of that day have been lost to fuzzy memories but I clearly remember our org being gathered to be told about Danny.

A touching tribute on a local station.

Steak Crunch Wrap, twice fried fries and Joe mayo… here we come! Summer on the common with Fork and Bibb can’t be beat!

I’ll sort out more pictures later, but Alex’s (and mine!) first week at Camp Hinds was a success!

Wales v Canada 🏉 match program(me) for those of us watching from home

2022 @NEFreeJacks seats acquired. Doing my part to fill the stadium by adding a 3rd seat for my family this season.
I’m staying in Blue as I love both the crowd we had this season and the action inside the 22. Where’s your favorite spot for a 🏉 match?

Every WWDC… do not install the first beta. You always regret installing the first beta. Why are you installing the first beta?

Busy weekend for ⚾️ for Alex - the boys played hard and although they didn’t make it through pool play for the play offs, they ended the season on a win in 90+F heat! Then a Free Jacks 🏉 game with my father in-law - for the win!

🐶 update. Curly and Mack are still getting along like brothers. They play hard, sleep hard… drink and right back to playing. I’m often exhausted just being in the same room 😂
Curly continues to find weird positions to sleep in. But he’s happy so go for it!

Time to look back on the week. Alex had the weekend off from baseball so I took Abby to the FreeJacks game. Memorial Day was a day of scouting… raising flags early morning, bringing them down in the evening, and participating in the town’s Memorial Day services. The middle of the week ...

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