It’s Patriots day which means the scouts are delivering flags.

Looking forward to a great season of ⚾️ with these 3 friends.

5 years passed in the blink of an eye. My cub is now a scout and I could not be any more proud. Thanks for letting me part of the journey. Onward to Eagle!

It’s like I stumbled into the secret Amazon truck breeding site

My morning beverage is always coffee. It used to be tea before I moved away for college. Today it feels like it should be hot chocolate but coffee it is.

Starting Happy Isles after dinner. I kickstarted all 3 and spread the other 2 to family members for Christmas.

At home test #3 of… 6 I think? Easy nasal swab and blood spot card. Results in a day or two.

I’ve never been much for stickers on laptops or iPads until recently. I’ve been collecting stickers for my next iPad but then M1 macs happened…

I know it’s only December, but holiday decorations bring me joy and if it lifts the dreary cloud for one other person it’s worth it :)

I guess the car ride for the school run is pretty tiring….

Seeing more and more 🐰 on my neighborhood 🐶 walk. They’re getting used to us too. Not at all fazed by a puppy straining at the leash to go “play”.

Why would a public health authority not enable this? Free and easy exposure tracking from millions of devices.

I don’t think this quite counts as silhouette but it’s close enough for me. 2017 back when we could travel.

TIL: you’re supposed to replace the central vac filter annually. I’m only 12.5 years behind schedule

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