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New project… day 7. Expecting to slow down due to school nights and after school activities during the week. Taking bets on how long this will take.

Found a little corner store in Quincy, MA that imports British and Irish items. Including Christmas specials (selection boxes).

Picked out a few things…

And then a few more!

Let’s see if I can complete this year. It’ll only get a touch cold tonight (46F) 🏕

Steak Crunch Wrap, twice fried fries and Joe mayo… here we come! Summer on the common with Fork and Bibb can’t be beat!

I’ll sort out more pictures later, but Alex’s (and mine!) first week at Camp Hinds was a success!

Every WWDC… do not install the first beta. You always regret installing the first beta. Why are you installing the first beta?

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