@aurynn it was the fastest "don't allow" in the history of "don't allow" / "OK" text boxes :)

📚 I can only imagine that people just haven’t realized that Aleph Extraction is out yet. It’s an worthy sequel to Bayern Agenda and I for one am desperate to find out what happens next!

Galactic Cold War series at risk indiebound.org/book/9780857668

A beautiful way to end May. Though I’m behind on my “spring” cleaning.

Ranked choice voting for MA would be really interesting. It might seem like a solid blue state but I’ve heard some of the most fervent political opinions from across the spectrum here. twitter.com/siracusa/status/12

Burgers on the grill. “Mixed drink” in my glass. Ahhh refreshing.

Now it’s official: CDC issues advisory for Kawasaki-like inflammatory disease associated with COVID-19

Somehow all the worse for kids typically having less severe symptoms of COVID-19. But sure…. Let’s keep focusing on mortality rates. boston25news.com/news/health/c

I’ve always found Paul interesting to listen to and this is no exception.


Good news! Github is now free for teams along with a price drop for paid teams to $4/user/mo. But they’re still keeping the SSO tax alive and well, locking SAML behind “enterprise” at $21/user/mo. A 425% tax just to own your own auth strategy. twitter.com/natfriedman/status

WatchSmith (great name) might be about to cost me my day… it looks amazing, and over 96,000 complication permutations will take me a while to settle. The auto moving complication to avoid being hidden is amazing. david-smith.org/blog/2020/04/0

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