Abby’s 3rd swim 🏊‍♀️ meet. First one I’m helping out with a minor task.

@KelsonV @hafnia they still cross contaminate. Just not deliberately? Pulled a peanut m&m from a plain bag.

Separate out the routing and wireless components so you can upgrade/replace individually. I’m a fan of the Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro access points and security gateways personally.

Because how can engineers build IPv6 support into our products if they can’t use it?
Because it was FUN!
Because it’s better to be trained and ready than scrambling when it’s too late 🤔

I love it. Exactly right. And if your enterprise network has had IPv6 for a while, remember it might have been deployed by someone learning - so there’s opportunity to improve a situation - but only if you learn now

I currently have 4 inflatables staked and roped in my yard. A “lamp post” with Christmas themed arrow signs, a Mickey Mouse with a candy cane, a Santa with a countdown clock, and Darth Vader.
Only one of them has remained upright against the weather the last 2 nights.

It’s not Santa.

This was the computer that started everything for me. My parents later bought us an Acorn Electron (baby brother to the Beeb) which I loved. Played so many games after transcribing them from Electron User magazine!

I no longer feel the need to see movies at midnight on their release. I’d be very content to see Rise it Skywalker any time the opening week. However, I have a tradition of taking my kids and (American) nephews to the movies over the holidays - so I have limited time to pre-watch

@bartleby nope. Not too bad :) I only had 2 layers on. Been shorts and T-shirt for me during daylight.

@bartleby it was colder yesterday. But around 35F right now.

Tonight our cub scout pack (with the assistance of the scout troop) helped to stock our town’s cupboard of kindness. Helpful scouts, proud scout parent :)

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I’m very proud of Akamai’s Enterprise team. I’m also very proud of the cross functional internal adoption team.

.@Forrester named @Akamai a Zero Trust Leader, citing workload security, people/workforce security, #ZeroTrust vision and strategy, and more.

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This mirrors my thoughts exactly. Why would you trust a VPN provider (and their providers) more than your own provider? Outsourcing privacy seems like a pretty big failure point. Make sure all your traffic is encrypted, push for eSNI and ditch the 3rd parties?

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I’m no longer getting Microsoft tech support scams. Now I’m getting Apple ones. Nomorobo on my landline is catching them but not before my phone rings :(

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