Finished reading: The Nova Incident by Dan Moren 📚 - it’s the best one in this series so far. I love the continued character building and callbacks to the previous books

Don’t miss the short stories that Dan has self published out of this universe.

Happy birthday to George Jetson. Congrats to his parents, whoever they are.

From their brother’s baseball game on our way to Free Jacks match. These girls are troopers!

After laying everything down on the field and delivering a record winning result (longest winning streak in US MLR history) - the Free Jacks players are still gracious enough to greet their newest fan!

Beautiful day at the FreeJacks even better to see a long line to buy match day tickets! 📷

Rainbows and unicorns at the NE Freejacks game. Where are you?

The best mother in-law (mom) I could have ever hoped for. The bravest, strongest, kindest, most beautiful soul. Her grandkids will have an angel watching over them and cheering them on.


Wordle 212 3/6


Wordle 211 3/6


🍽 Mostly stretched the meals for 4 to our family of 5. First up Tuscan Trattoria Chicken and Kale Spaghetti. We switched spaghetti for penne out of kid preference.

Melty Monterey Jack Burgers. Added broccoli. Kids unsurprisingly didn’t like the onion jam but that left more for me! T...

Wordle 210 4/6


Bad news… Looks like Abi twisted her ankle pretty bad at school today. Waiting to see if we need to get it X-rayed.

Good news/Bad news. Good news first… new US MLR kit reveal and the Free Jacks are on fire. Looks like Wales home games are ON for the Six Nations

Can’t wait to rock my FreeJacks jersey into Fort Quincy this year! Gonna be difficult to stick to one…

Wordle 209 5/6


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