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Well this just made me jump. Didn’t get a presidential alert but I did get the 911 warning. Glad it was this way round.

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The more Mastodon servers there, are, the better. The more spread out people are across them, the more the network is resilient to various failure modes.

The basic premise of Mastodon is that you follow your friends from different servers! So go forth, and explore the fediverse ☺️

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Holy shit! Someone found a bootleg video of one the talks where I coined the term #lifehacks ! Before the hashtag, even!

I remember when it was really taking off and I was failing to write a book on productivity, Annalee Newitz said to me "... but wasn't your talk supposed to be a *joke*?

This talk was in Britain in front of a friendly audience, so it may have been more joke-y than the original O'Reilly event, but she wasn't wrong...

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Dear vendors, if I didn’t visit your booth/table at a conference it’s because I have no interest. Even if the conference has no respect for my personal info, you can do better - especially if you claim to be in the security space.

And this is why is so important. You're going to get breached. How well contained it is is up to you. Constant authentication. Granular authorization. Device posture. Now.

@tootapp oh. I apparently already thought of this and filed an issue.

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@tootapp toot! is doing a great job of remembering my scroll position. Any chance it could sync that with iCloud so I don't go crazy switching between devices? :)

If you're going to start requiring 2FA (please do!), when you build plans to verify accounts - make sure to validate your assumptions. Even if you're a phone company, can everyone receive SMS? Maybe that shouldn't be the only option for account verification.

Why do vendors think I owe them a response to cold emails? One example out of many today: "I haven't been able to get in contact with you from my past emails, if it is not the right time to discuss please let me know."
You haven't heard from me because I don't respond to spam.

Several folk on the Macadmin slack pointed out:

We should get this as populated as possible and refer vendors to it.

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Even with the early morning, my favourite way to get from Boston area to NYC is Amtrak. Beautiful scenery, no traffic and right into the heart of the city. Stress free way to start the day.

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It's finally here! v1.0 of Toot! has been officially released on the app store!

For those who have not been in on the beta test already, this is an Mastodon client for iOS, full of character and whimsy. It is multi-instance, multi-account, it is fast, it is comfortable and it is above all a lot of fun!

It has a strong focus on user experience, animation, and attention to detail, as well as being the best client for Mastodon around. Try it now!

Zander makes some great points here. Stop charging more for basic security measures like letting your customers control their authentication policies. Support SAML and magically you support whatever 2FA your customers want. Happier customers -> more money.

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