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Ranked choice voting for MA would be really interesting. It might seem like a solid blue state but I’ve heard some of the most fervent political opinions from across the spectrum here.

Burgers on the grill. “Mixed drink” in my glass. Ahhh refreshing.

Now it’s official: CDC issues advisory for Kawasaki-like inflammatory disease associated with COVID-19

Somehow all the worse for kids typically having less severe symptoms of COVID-19. But sure…. Let’s keep focusing on mortality rates.

I’ve always found Paul interesting to listen to and this is no exception.

Good news! Github is now free for teams along with a price drop for paid teams to $4/user/mo. But they’re still keeping the SSO tax alive and well, locking SAML behind “enterprise” at $21/user/mo. A 425% tax just to own your own auth strategy.

WatchSmith (great name) might be about to cost me my day… it looks amazing, and over 96,000 complication permutations will take me a while to settle. The auto moving complication to avoid being hidden is amazing.

My secret project is no longer secret. I might be a little biased in thinking Norton kids are the best, but one call to action and these K-3 kids jumped at the chance to show how much they miss and love their teachers.

Working on a secret project. No spoilers but I’m actually smiling when opening my mail today. I’m not going to read or watch any news today… I want to stay in this bubble as long as I can

My brother in-law telling me about Jelle’s marble runs on ESPN has to be in my top 10 best things to happen this week

Attempting to play uno with kids and grandparents via FaceTime. If you don’t hear from me again…

IT teams: if you’re struggling to support a flood of WFH - don’t compromise on security or performance. Akamai’s EAA adds CDN performance and protection to your enterprise applications and scales well. This is how we are eliminating our own VPN usage at Akamai. ...

In case there was any doubt that $deity loves the Welsh… power and cable restored in time for the anthem 🏉

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