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The view from a house we used to rent in NH before it was removed from the market. This was 2012 and the first panoramic picture I took with the iOS 6 beta IIRC

In-laws are daytripping to visit us so I’m on grill duty.

Apparently we find the line that bisects the two halves. Project for tomorrow

The honor system didn’t work out so well. Teacher Dies of Coronavirus After Warning That Parents Are Violating Isolation and Sending Kids to School

I miss these snuggle bugs. We lost Rugby this year and the baby is now 11 yo and taller than her mom.

Setting up mousetrap. After being outside in the sun and heat all day yesterday, taking a break in the AC today.

A reminder that cloud service providers hold a lot of control over your systems and data. Contracts and SLAs can’t protect you. If they pull the plug you’re the one picking up the pieces. Choose carefully.

If you chose to use a VPN provider because you don’t trust your ISP, how can you be sure you can trust? “No logging” really means logging but you will never know unless there’s a leak.

This might keep the kids quiet for a couple of minutes

In April 2019 Alex decided he wanted to grow his hair long “to see how it feels”. In July 2020 he decided he’s ready for his “once a year” haircut, so once again my wonderful wife stepped up. His hair was long enough to ...

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