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I know it’s only December, but holiday decorations bring me joy and if it lifts the dreary cloud for one other person it’s worth it :)

I thought UPS avoided left turns and optimized routes. “Follow my package” is infuriating when you see the driver returning to a street 5 blocks farther away and the only way they could have gotten there is multiple left turns.

I guess the car ride for the school run is pretty tiring….

Picked up my 1st grader’s school iPad today for back to school in a couple of weeks. It’s weird year for sure, but I’m grateful that
a. Our school district is providing 1:1 tech
b. The instructions include “changing your password” which I believe is new this year :/

Seeing more and more 🐰 on my neighborhood 🐶 walk. They’re getting used to us too. Not at all fazed by a puppy straining at the leash to go “play”.

Why would a public health authority not enable this? Free and easy exposure tracking from millions of devices.

I don’t think this quite counts as silhouette but it’s close enough for me. 2017 back when we could travel.

TIL: you’re supposed to replace the central vac filter annually. I’m only 12.5 years behind schedule

A couple of days ago we took the sound outside. An impromptu piano concert from the kids.

I do not miss taking the train as transport to the office.

Way back in the before times (early March 2020) we did a tour of An Unlikely Story bookshop. We were lucky enough to meet Jeff Kinney himself (he’s working behind the window in the group picture). This was a Tuesday. Little did we know that the kids last day in school was to be that Fri...

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