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Finished Happy Isles from the Magic Puzzle Company. Everything it promised to be. The Mystic Maze is next when we switch with my in-laws :)

Starting Happy Isles after dinner. I kickstarted all 3 and spread the other 2 to family members for Christmas.

Did any other dads start losing their t-shirts to their daughters at 11yo or am I just lucky?

At home test #3 of… 6 I think? Easy nasal swab and blood spot card. Results in a day or two.

I dread to imagine what my year in beer would be like if I actually checked in every time :)

The amazing conversion statistics to potential season ticket holders for the Free Jacks makes me think that Rugby might have some staying power in the US after all. Can’t wait to get to union point in 2021!

I’m not sure if I’m feeling more excitement or hopefulness… but I have purchased my “Founding member” season ticket for the Free Jacks

So many things wrong here. An “emergency communications channel” protected by a widely shared username and password? Unauthorized use perhaps, but not hacking. And if you do have shared credentials, not rotating them after a high profile firing is insane. ...

The downside of replacing all CO/Smoke detectors with nest protect 7 years ago… the sticker shock of replacing them all at once when they expire. Fortunately Nest/Google replaced 4 under warranty, so it’s only the big hit for 6 which had a sale on this past week.

I’ve never been much for stickers on laptops or iPads until recently. I’ve been collecting stickers for my next iPad but then M1 macs happened…

Hey, @vincent - any chance of releasing the iOS version of Gluon for Apple Silicon macs? :) Pretty Please?

I’ve given up on Apple ever allowing you to consolidate Apple IDs, but apparently you can’t even move an “additional” email address between AppleIDs?

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