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At least 2020 didn’t give us snow in the middle of April….

Today is a sports day. First up - opening day for South Shore Rox ⚾️ then this afternoon with the Free Jacks 🏉

Looking forward to a great season of ⚾️ with these 3 friends.

Just RSVP’d for the Free Jacks home opener. It’s so close!! 🏉

The best path to password elimination is through federated authentication. The SSO tax is currently too high. Not just in penny pinching upgrades but in the obstacles to successfully enabling it.

I just tested a security integration with Microsoft 365 that was seriously just a couple of clicks. Then I tried to enable SAML which was a lot of copy and paste and changing fields. High potential for human error. We MUST do better here.

Interesting new MLR 🏉 laws. I’m skeptical about 2 of these (under the post and red card) but excited to see how it shakes out.

Looking forward to Saturday. A full 🏉 day! Its unfortunate that super Saturday isn’t the end of the 6 Nations, but I love this day every year (except last year of course). And right on the heels of 🏴v🇫🇷 will be NE Free Jacks @ LA Giltinis.

Thanks Dr Zerotrust. We don’t say it often enough - Akamai’s solutions were evolved working closely with customers implementing them including Akamai’s IT team. Proven in the real world.

I am super excited about Akamai’s MFA Making strong, phish proof authentication easy is great news for everyone.

If I could have done social studies assignments with gif reactions like I just watched my middle schooler do - I totally would have rocked that subject. Great use of tech in learning!

5 years passed in the blink of an eye. My cub is now a scout and I could not be any more proud. Thanks for letting me part of the journey. Onward to Eagle!

Someone else will, within the next 48 hours, decide the direction of my next year and perhaps the rest of my career. Having spent the last 2 years talking to several people, It’s come down to filling in a Google form and waiting. Will I crack open the Theme Journal on April 1? 🥁

It’s like I stumbled into the secret Amazon truck breeding site

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