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Wordle 208 4/6


Wordle 207 6/6


Wordle 205 3/6


Got lucky with each guess.

Important cookie links to start 2022.
To order from Abi
To order from Aria

Local friends can contact Melissa or myself directly to save on shipping :)

Wordle 204 6/6

I might not remember to post every one…

Wordle 203 4/6


New project… day 7. Expecting to slow down due to school nights and after school activities during the week. Taking bets on how long this will take.

New year, new habits. Trying Hello Fresh this year. It’s been a while since I heard a podcast ad, but the link above gives a better deal (thanks to Christine for the hookup!)

I was about to create a post about yesterday’s adventure on the Boston freedom trail but Apple Photos beat me to ...

Found a little corner store in Quincy, MA that imports British and Irish items. Including Christmas specials (selection boxes).

Picked out a few things…

And then a few more!

Troop 12 is once again supporting our Norton Senior Center with this annual gift drive. The Seniors are looking for specific items (see the flyer). Items can be dropped off on Saturday Dec 4th and our Scouts will deliver them to the Senior Center. Can’t make the drop off day? Reach out ...

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