Troop 12 is once again supporting our Norton Senior Center with this annual gift drive. The Seniors are looking for specific items (see the flyer). Items can be dropped off on Saturday Dec 4th and our Scouts will deliver them to the Senior Center. Can’t make the drop off day? Reach out ...

Kids are all at school. You sit down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and relax for a moment… and then spot two chromebooks on charge that should have been in their backpacks. is leaving the depot.

Let’s see if I can complete this year. It’ll only get a touch cold tonight (46F) 🏕

One time passwords raise the bar, but as services like this become more and more common its clear that we have to move to WebAuthN/FIDO2. You might not think you’re a target but often the value is in the number of breached accounts not the individual account.

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